Lionhead Studios: Their Fable Has Ended

According to various news outlets, gamers worldwide have reason to be bummed out: Lionhead Studios, makers of the Fable series of games for Xbox consoles, is no more, as of today. According to Kotaku, “in early March, Microsoft announced plans to cancel Fable Legends and put forth a “proposed closure” of the iconic studio Lionhead.” Today is therefore expected but sad, nonetheless. British law required a period of “consultation” before formally shutting down; still, employees have foreseen this for sometime, as the company’s website is no longer available.

The brainchild of famed game legend, Peter Molyneux, founded in 1996, Lionhead was behind the “god-game” series Black & White, but to me, I will always remember them for their series, Fable. Molyneux left the company a few years ago, and some thought it to be for the better. Known for “overhyping” his projects, it was thought that the Fable brand could continue without him. It doesn’t seem that that will now happen.

This upsets me, as it was a series I held as a favorite. Were the games perfect? No. Did Moyneux overpromise? Always. Still, the setting of Albion and following the land over time will always stick with me. So many ideas peppered throughout the series, we see further fleshed out in games now, so if anything, may Lionhead be remembered as trailblazers in the gaming industry.

To all Lionhead employees going the ways your lives will bring, may your next endeavors be as memorable and beloved as those behind you.  This is one gamer who won’t forget all you did.


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