SIN: The Original Space Invader

Recently, I was given a new figure for my desk.  Yes, I'm a pastor, but I'm also a geek.  My desk reflects that.  I've got a little Star Wars on my desk, so yes, there are pieces of inspirational Christian art, but they sit alongside a Stormtrooper helmet as well.  I see nothing wrong with … Continue reading SIN: The Original Space Invader


FALLOUT: Is There Righteousness In The Wasteland?

Approaching a rusting panel, I push the button in front of me after providing an access code, beginning a process involving mechanisms far larger than me.  As the weight of turning metal clanks in front of me, I see bright light fill my view, peaking out from the openings of spaces long ago sealed.  It’s … Continue reading FALLOUT: Is There Righteousness In The Wasteland?

VR: Why Be Me?

THE "YEAR OF VR" If you aren't keeping up with current products, societally, we are on the cusp of two new developments within the realms of cutting edge technology. The two big buzzword terms we read about are "wearable tech", with a focus on enabling increased efficiency in delivery of information and vital monitoring, and the … Continue reading VR: Why Be Me?

Lionhead Studios: Their Fable Has Ended

According to various news outlets, gamers worldwide have reason to be bummed out: Lionhead Studios, makers of the Fable series of games for Xbox consoles, is no more, as of today. According to Kotaku, "in early March, Microsoft announced plans to cancel Fable Legends and put forth a “proposed closure” of the iconic studio Lionhead." … Continue reading Lionhead Studios: Their Fable Has Ended


At my initial impression of MINECRAFT years ago at launch, I sneered and thought, "What's the point?" While I'm not a complete graphics snob, I do enjoy realistic graphics in the modern day, even though retro games still have their own charm. This game was an anomaly to me: simplistic look with tons of content, … Continue reading MINECRAFT: A New Home