We’re Now Listed on RottenTomatoes.com!

An announcement of being added to the list of critics on RottenTomatoes.com and a thanks to all my readers.


GEEK DEVOTIONS: Star Wars & The Perfect Church

A look at my recent guest spot on Geek Devotions, using Star Wars to help explain how no church is perfect but still usable by Christ.

#RoadToInfinityWar – The End of the Road

A final wrap-up and reference guide to my Christian retrospective review series of all 18 Marvel Studios' films leading up to Avengers: Infinity War.

‘The Last Jedi’ and The Deconstruction of the Faithful

A look at possible Christian parallels with characters in the Star Wars saga after watching today's 'The Last Jedi' teaser.

What The Marvel Cinematic Universe Can Teach Us About Christian Teamwork – Geeks Under Grace

In anticipation of Captain America: Civil War, below is a link to my most recent article for Geeks Under Grace. Hope it's an entertaining and encouraging read! http://www.geeksundergrace.com/christian-living/articles-christian-living/marvel-cinematic-universe-can-teach-us-christian-teamwork/