AFTERMATH: The Rebuild

I write on a Saturday, following a tornado earlier this week on Monday.  The speed of the recovery efforts in this town has blown my mind!  In less than a week's time, the streets are clean, debris is largely gone, and signs have even been fully replaced in some locations.  I've, personally, never seen a … Continue reading AFTERMATH: The Rebuild


AFTERMATH: What’s Truly Important?

Yesterday, I experienced my first tornado firsthand.  I've seen the aftermath of several on television and heard many stories from those I know about what it's like, but while readying a movie review for this site,, I began receiving messages to be cautious; I hate to say I wasn't concerned, but I've been through … Continue reading AFTERMATH: What’s Truly Important?

AUDIO SERMONS are on Google Play Music Podcasts

With the added functionality of podcasts now added to Google Play Music, you can SUBSCRIBE to the sermons I preach each week at Archey Baptist Church in Soper, OK. Click Here to start listening.