The Wonder of a Child

Due to my work schedule and outside-the-home responsibilities, it isn’t often I’m allowed the opportunity to watch my son for the day. My wife is a stay-at-home mom, and it is a blessing in many ways. Still, many days I long for time at home. Today, I have that. As I work on my homework, I am able to observe the wonder of my 13-month-old son. The sense of discovery isn’t just something that occurs rarely; no, he exists in a persistent state of discovery. In fact, my wife and I have went to great lengths to ensure that he doesn’t go too far in those efforts (he loves cords and sockets).

He has a boundless energy, something I envy for sure, and I think now looking at him: if the people of Christ’s church existed likewise, with a sense of continual wonder towards God, and if we had half the energy he shows, how much could we do for God’s Kingdom? Little surprises us it often seems, and even if it did, would we have the oomph to pursue what God would show?

“Suffer not the little ones come unto me…” Maybe we can all learn something from my little guy, and apply it to serving the Lord.


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