The Power of Reading

In a matter of days, my daughter will have finished the first grade. She has, by all accounts, done exceptionally well this past year, testing at two grades above her age. To say I'm proud is too quaint of an expression for how I feel. This is, no doubt, partly due to her wonderful teacher, … Continue reading The Power of Reading



At my initial impression of MINECRAFT years ago at launch, I sneered and thought, "What's the point?" While I'm not a complete graphics snob, I do enjoy realistic graphics in the modern day, even though retro games still have their own charm. This game was an anomaly to me: simplistic look with tons of content, … Continue reading MINECRAFT: A New Home

The Joy of Just Doing

My daughter played her last soccer game of the season yesterday, and while they didn't win, she gave it her all. Playing backfield defense, she may not have gotten as much action as the front line, but I was so proud of her the entire season. Yesterday, though, placed in a still muddy field, she … Continue reading The Joy of Just Doing

The Wonder of a Child

Due to my work schedule and outside-the-home responsibilities, it isn't often I'm allowed the opportunity to watch my son for the day. My wife is a stay-at-home mom, and it is a blessing in many ways. Still, many days I long for time at home. Today, I have that. As I work on my homework, … Continue reading The Wonder of a Child