The Heat Is On

The following was my planned contribution to the Oak Grove Baptist Church Newsletter for June 2018:

That summer heat is starting up, and frankly, it makes it uncomfortable for many to get out and do all that they might want to do. It can be dangerous to stay outside, if left unchecked, so we might get the idea to just want to stay inside and not go out until a better time. I’m a naturally “indoors” person, but days ago, I spent most of the day outside with my kids, watching them enjoy the splashes of cool water on a hot day. If we stayed inside, that experience just couldn’t happen. Despite any discomforts, we had to go outside and experience that moment for ourselves.

I believe that we can all agree we live in perilous, wayward times. Antagonism to our mission is common, and that only seems to grow stronger by the day. We might feel it best to stay “inside” and not go out amongst the heat. Yet, these are the particular times we live in. We know God prepares individuals and generations to act on His behalf and for His kingdom in their own particular times. His Word shows us He has worked incredibly in such ways, time and time again. This is our time. Would we like it to be the cool and comfort of a spring or fall? I’m sure we would, but it’s summertime. We have work to do. There is grass to be mowed and things to be done, surely, but this church has ministry to do in our particular time. The heat will come against us, surely, but we press on anyways. In the midst, who knows what blessings we can experience that wouldn’t come otherwise, things left unexperienced if we just “stay in the house”? God is with us, whatever the season, and He will accomplish a good work through His people, when they do all in His name.


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