Secure Your Heart

The following is my contribution to the Oak Grove Baptist Church Newsletter for August 2020:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” – Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

Security is a topic of renewed national interest, amidst the chaos that has run over many city streets. With danger, prowlers, and looters running amok, putting up some kind of defenses for our homes and property, regardless of there seeming to be a problem on our own street, is a prudent choice. Understanding that example should really help us connect at this time to the necessity of guarding our hearts, because whether we realize it or not, the condition of our hearts is far more valuable to God than anything in any home or building we may wish to keep safe from danger.

Financially, our church has been blessed throughout this pandemic, as strange as that may sound. God has truly been faithful through His people to ensure we are able to move forward in our ministries. In response to that, we are good stewards of those blessings, and we wisely administer what we have to God’s glory. I truly believe we as a body of believers guard what He has given us well.

Likewise, we have several men and women in our church who through our safety team volunteer their time and efforts to keep us all secure. They do what they do, because they know what we do here is of utmost importance: we show a life-giving message to those who enter our walls and hear of us remotely about Jesus. The heart of our church’s ministry is Jesus, and that’s exactly as it should be.

So, why do I describe all of this, in reflection of this verse? Be aware the world is trying to discourage you away from the keeper of your heart, Jesus. This church has continued to walk in blessings amidst a pandemic because Jesus is at the center of what we do; for each of us individually, He must be why we do all we do. We must stay vigilant and alert to all the ways we may become defluenced by the enemy. We know that Jesus is ultimately triumphant; still, we must stay aware that our heart for serving the Lord can be affected if we let it be. Guard it well.


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