GEEK DEVOTIONS: Star Wars & The Perfect Church

A look at my recent guest spot on Geek Devotions, using Star Wars to help explain how no church is perfect but still usable by Christ.


The Word Reinvigorates

A short Christian devotional thought about peace lilies and how Christ can reinvigorate those in need of Him.

Sometimes, It’s Hard To Get The Lights On

A short devotional from that looks at how the common hangups in Christian ministry are often exactly that...common.

What’s Your Foundation?

A short look at why Jesus deserves to be our foundation above all else.

Fruit Made Sweeter

Patience is a virtue...we've heard it said. I've also heard, "Never pray to God for patience." The reason being: God will give it, not as an immediate gift, but as a product of testing. Even without "praying for it", I've felt like I was on the receiving end of those circumstances many times myself. It's … Continue reading Fruit Made Sweeter